Independent Councillor
Ormesby Ward

Great Yarmouth Borough Council

14th December 2020

Ormesby Parish Update

This month’s focus has been very much on community resilience and recognising where the Borough and Charitable Sector has provided the right level of support for our community and formalising that structure into Policy. Council members were invited to recognise the support that is already in place and to approve the continuation of this model with some additional improvements.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government has commended GYBC and its officers at cabinet level, recognising that the efforts made for Covid support in our Borough have been a model to other districts and wider regional support.

That resilience should be maintained and the community spirit nurtured albeit more localised.

The Neighbourhood Management Team, led by officer Paula Boyce and Early Help Hub Manager Sue Robinson, have a clear model which calls upon multiple agencies to work together to resolve complex cases and crisis management. I am proud to be a member of the Resilience and Collaboration Team which meets twice a week to discuss complex and critical cases. Participants include Operational Partnership Team members from the Police, Fire Service coordinators, Social Prescribing Coordinators, CGL substance abuse teams, Mental Health Teams, DWP case workers, Citizens Advice Community Help Team, Domestic Abuse Champions, and charitable sector organisations.

Our PCN Clinical Director, Dr. Aoifa Slattery, has indicated that funding will continue for our Primary Care Network Social Prescribing Team despite other districts reducing funding to this resource.

So how can this be incorporated at Parish level, specifically for the Northern villages? I propose that those last strands of support within our rural community are filled with local wardens / community connectors who know our locality and have the trust of our Parishioners. These connectors can support our residents and make referrals back up to the Early Help Hub as required and indeed offer support at the request of the Help Hub in times of need.

Support and guidance can extend to, but not be limited to: Bereavement support, benefits advice and support, wellbeing, friendships, digital inclusion, home discharges, community care planning, activities, applications for NAS (Norfolk Assistance Scheme) and NCAN (Norfolk Community Advice Network) referrals. To this end, we can provide our residents with a “go to” support team who can door knock, make telephone calls and provide community support.

I request that the Parishes come together to work collectively in modelling this into their Neighbourhood Plans, being ahead of the game in some ways, but also catching up with existing need. For Ormesby St. Margaret with Scratby Parish Council, I ask that they agree to me working directly and collaboratively with the Parish Connecting with the Community Team.

Cllr. Steve Scott-Greenard

Ormesby Ward  

6th November 2020

Ormesby Parish Update

GYBC Covid Resilience Support, which was set up for the original lockdown, will not be used for Community Support in this 2nd wave. The original helpline number has been passed back to the control of the reception team at Borough Council and anyone using this number from old information will have their details passed on to the Early Help Hub.

The Norfolk County Council helpline number for support is 0344 800 8020 and calls will filter down to Voluntary Norfolk who will arrange crisis support and connect with the third sector support organisations. The same is the case for the foodbank which will not operate from the Council offices. Support will be offered to the Foodbanks by GYBC as required, most likely financially. Since there is no government call for shielding for severely vulnerable people, there will be no automatic food parcel delivery. Instead it is likely that Voluntary Norfolk volunteers will do the shopping for those who cannot go out.

In light of the Government decision to not provide Free School Meal support through the half-term, and responding to the Marcus Rashford campaign, parishioners were concerned that children in our villages would be going without food. I was asked to organise relief on this matter and Parish Council also received contact through the Facebook page. I had discussions with the Head of the Schools and, taking into account data from Citizens Advice and the School Head, it was determined that; although there are some children accessing Free School Meals at Ormesby schools, the majority live outside our villages. In discussions with Cllr. Seggie it was agreed to wait for demand to come forward and that this support would also be offered on a holistic scale. The Clerk was updated in case any preparations would be needed to hold donations or to apply for funding. In agreement with the Head of the Schools, it was considered that the Christmas period would be more concerning for those children who would go without given the length of the holiday and the difficulty the period often gives. Hopefully, collectively, we can work to alleviate the stigma associated with seeking help and outline the help available to those who need marginal support, not necessarily in receipt of qualifying benefits for Free School Meals.

The slide tower on the Edgar Tennant Recreation Ground was vandalised over last weekend which left a dangerous hole on the platform. A resident called me from the playground to report it. This was immediately cordoned off and reported via the “Report-It” app. Within 30 minutes I had received an email from GY Norse to clarify which slide it was. A repair has been made and the slide was re-opened within 3 days.

The Ward payment for the replacement tree on the Village Green has now been transferred to PC following issues with a bank “cooling off” period setting up the mandate. The £500 was transferred to PC banks account on 3rd November.

The remaining £500 of my Councillor Ward Fund has been passed on to the Ormesby Pre-School charity with an additional personal financial donation for Raffle prizes. As a worker in the third sector I am acutely aware of the fine line that charities operate with and the importance of fundraising. I would like to encourage all Parishioners to consider donations for the Pre-School Christmas Raffle. I have offered this support acknowledging that the Ormesby Pre-School services families from all the villages in the Ormesby Ward and may it long continue.

Cllr. Steve Scott-Greenard

Ormesby Ward  


22nd April 2020

Ormesby Community Newsletter – May Edition 

Please read the latest edition of the Ormesby Community Newsletter. This edition is online only due to the Covid-19 outbreak. It contains lots of relevant information about support available in these difficult times.

To see this newsletter click here: May Newsletter – Final or click on the image:

7th April 2020

Helpful advice from Healthwatch Norfolk 

Please read the Healthwatch Norfolk resource pack which lists the latest information and advice about the Coronavirus.

To see this advice pack click here: COVID19 Resource Pack – Final or click on the picture. 

10th January 2020

Happy New Year

I’d like to wish all the Ormesby Ward constituents a Happy New Year. This year has started with an exciting new project in our Parish of Ormesby St. Margaret with Scratby. We have a new Working Party to review and maintain the Parish Recreation Ground and Playgrounds. I am honoured to have been appointed as the Chair of the Working Party.

We have already entered into a consultation period to seek public opinion on improvements and facilities for the Recreation Ground and Pavilion. We have set up a new website, facebook page and twitter account. For all the latest information, please visit

26th May 2019

New Privacy notice

To view the new Privacy Policy click here: 


6th May 2019

My open letter to the editor of Great Yarmouth Mercury

Dear Editor,

I would like to address some of the analysis around the two Independent gains at the Great Yarmouth Borough Council elections last week. The rhetoric from Mr Brandon Lewis suggests that the constituents of Fleggburgh ward and my own Ormesby ward is that this was simply a protest against the lack of resolve over the Brexit issue. I feel that he does a disservice to the voters, Adrian Thompson and myself.

To be clear, both the Fleggburgh ward and the Ormesby ward had the two highest turnouts by percentage in the local elections. Both wards were amongst those with the fewest spoilt papers. Both wards were previously strong Conservative seats. One of my constituents is quoted as saying, “You could put a dog up as a Tory and it will still get in!”

I would like to air another suggestion as to why both Adrian Thompson and myself were selected as Borough Councillors for our wards. We are both community driven individuals, both working with charitable organisations and community groups for the improvement of the lives of our constituents and beyond.

Of course, I did meet with many constituents who were, and likely still are, disillusioned with the current Brexit process. However, these individuals were also very pleased to have had the opportunity to meet their candidate face to face and discuss local issues. If the Conservative Party had not made their own naive judgement that rural seats are “safe”, they may have taken the time to speak with constituents.

I congratulate Councillor Thompson on his emphatic win. I believe that he will put great effort into the position of trust he has so rightly been afforded. I am equally aware of the trust placed in me by Ormesby constituents.

Councillor Steve Scott-Greenard
Ormesby Ward

3rd May 2019

So grateful  to all those constituents of Ormesby Ward who turned out to vote. A turnout of 34.5% and 72% of those voters selecting me as their Borough Councillor. I will do my best to justify those votes and support our villagers. I’m looking forward to serving you all. 

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